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What is Crystal Meth?

What is crystal meth?

Crystal Meth DetoxThe word “meth” is theshortened version of methamph etamine. Crystal meth is a colorless andodorless form of methamphetamine that is powerfully addictive. It is referred to as a psychostimulant and is classified as a psychoactive substance. On the streets it is referred to as ice or just meth. The drug increases an individual’s ability to concentrate as well as
increasing their alertness and their energy level. In larger doses, crystal meth induces euphoria while enhancing their libido (sex drive) and self esteem.

Crystal meth facts; No matter whether crystal meth makes its presence felt in rural or urban communities, it tears families and other relationships apart while destroying neighborhoods with brutal efficiency, hence the need for crystal meth detox programs. Here are some key facts that you should be aware of regarding this powerfully addictive substance:

Compared to other drugs, thehigh that crystal meth  causes can last co nsiderably longer because itremains in your system longer than other substances You can use crystal meth in a number of ways including injecting it, smoking it, snorting (inhaling) it, or taking it orally “Meth mouth” is the tooth rot that develops from using this drug and is one the most obvious characteristic that makes the addict extremely easy to identify. Crystal meth’s popularity has been attributed to the fact that it is cost-effective and easy to manufacture compared to other drugs such as cocaine or heroin

Whenever an individual attempts to quit using the drug on their own instead of entering a crystal meth detox program, they will experience some extremely serious and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that could eventually lead to relapsing. The benefit of entering a crystal meth detox program is that it gives you the opportunity to get back on the road to recovery and
living substance-free.

These programs enlist the help of addiction detox specialists and/or licensed physicians who are qualified to medically care for you, monitor your progress and vital signs, and supervise the entire process so that you are as comfortable as possible. You will be able to get through the detox process while overcoming the cravings and withdrawal symptoms that are very common during this phase of addiction treatment and recovery. Getting professional help is only a phone call away

Crystal Meth Detox Should you or a loved one be suffering with crystal meth addiction or dependency, Blue Water Detox can help you by customizing a crystal meth detox program that will help you overcome your cravings for the drug and move on to the recovery stage of rehab. For more information regarding our facility or our programs, please call us at the toll-free phone number listed above for further information.

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