How Does A Flea Infestation Happen ?

Basically, your pet went somewhere where fleas were present, and they latched on. OH NO! This could have happened from being outside in your yard or coming in contact with other pets who have fleas, etc. So you go home and the fleas have already begun laying eggs. The eggs usually fall off its host into your lawn, your home, in your bed, on your kitchen floor, etc. Basically, ANYWHERE your pets go.

You usually won’t have a clue you have a flea problem until you notice your dog seems a bit itchier than normal…. like the loving owner you are, you check what the matter is and shockingly find fleas on your beloved dog! OMG!

Okay, so this is where most people get it wrong. They perhaps buy a flea bombs and attempt to comb out the fleas, or get medication to kill the fleas. That’s great…. but it’s only 1/3 of the solution.

HERES THE THING…. if you find fleas on your pets, it is a sure bet that FLEAS EXIST IN YOUR HOUSE AS WELL. You likely have flea eggs, larvae, and fleas themselves everywhere. They will be most prevalent where your animals spend most of their time. Essentially, it’s not good enough to just kill the fleas on your pets when you have fleas in your home. also you can look at HOW TO GET RID OF FLEAS IN THE HOUSE

If your pets sleep with you, you can expect fleas on your bed. I know… it’s gross.

So our problem is we have fleas who potentially have diseases that are biting our dogs and cats, sucking their blood and making them extremely uncomfortable. Not only do we have fleas on our pets, we have fleas, flea eggs, and flea larvae infestation in our home.  Lastly, if we let our pets outside, fleas will be present in our yard as well. (note that fleas may have originated from your back yard).


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